Use SWARM to track teacher concerns, social worker referrals, case notes, activity, group work etc. 

Need a way to track Social Worker tasks? Use this tool to track:

  • Teacher Concerns

  • Social Worker Referrals

  • Case Notes

  • Activity

  • Group Work and more! 

From individual interactions to group sessions, track your minutes, students attending, activities offered and provided. Easily monitor a student’s social worker data with a Student Overview dashboard. All of this rolls up for State Reporting without a need for additional logging and manual calculations prior to Student Record! 

SWARM Referral Dashboard
SWARM Student Overview

Satisfied Customers

"We were looking for something that would eliminate pen and paper for our Social Workers and make referrals and reporting for them seamless. Our schools love SWARM and so do our Social Workers. Keeping all the information within Infinite Campus is HUGE and helps make the process easier for everyone. The reports in SWARM are also very detailed and helpful!"

Sara Levieux

Houston County Schools

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