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Use SWARM to track teacher concerns, social worker referrals, case notes, activity, group work etc. 

Need a way to track Social Worker tasks? Use this tool to track:

  • Teacher Concerns

  • Student Social Work Referrals

  • Case Notes

  • Activity

  • Group Work and more! 

SWARM is a fully integrated social worker activity and referral module within Campus. Districts can use SWARM to track teacher concerns, social worker referrals, case notes, activities, group work and more. Concerns can be sent electronically to social workers who can then decide if a referral is needed. Activities for individual students, groups, and/or staff members can also be recorded. Social Workers can easily monitor a student’s social worker data using the Student Overview. Plus, all this data rolls up for Georgia state reporting.  

SWARM Referral Dashboard
SWARM Student Overview

Satisfied Customers

"We were looking for something that would eliminate pen and paper for our Social Workers and make referrals and reporting for them seamless. Our schools love SWARM and so do our Social Workers. Keeping all the information within Infinite Campus is HUGE and helps make the process easier for everyone. The reports in SWARM are also very detailed and helpful!"

Sara Levieux

Houston County Schools

"SWARM has been a life changer for our School Social Worker allowing her to navigate referrals in a timely and orderly fashion. And calculating data for Student Record is a breeze. It is definitely a can't live without tool."

"Our district has been utilizing SWARM for over 5 years. It has been a tool to easier report data for student record since it is already in Infinite Campus and we have to upload it. It has also been easier to receive referrals since counselors have access to making referrals and simply input the information into SWARM and submit it to the assigned school social worker. This helps to cut down on the conversations passing in the hall that used to be the means of referrals.

For the school social workers it is a place to store our notes and have access to not only this year but past years information rather than having to sort through mounds of paper."

Melody Copelan

Stephens County Schools

Yvette Zielenske

Newton County Schools

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