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The CPI Tool allows users to manage and verify their CPI staff data directly in Infinite Campus, then download a ready-to-send text file required for DOE reporting. 

By integrating the school district’s HR file with District Assignment and Course Master information found within Infinite Campus, the need to hand-calculate employee C-records is eliminated, creating a complete CPI file for all staff. CPI features include:

  • A master list of all staff names that visually displays current employees vs. terminations.

  • A fully editable detail screen for each staff member containing CPI A, B, and C information.

  • Subject codes that may be set according to course name/number.

  • Exportable breakdown and graphical reports.


CPI Details
CPI Subject Matter

Satisfied Customers

"The CPI tool has made CPI reporting 100% easier for us! I honestly never knew how CPI and Student Class worked together until this tool came along. Keeping this information together in Infinite Campus has really helped our data become more accurate."

Sara Levieux

Houston County Schools

"So much better than hand manipulating in an excel file!"

"CPI being handled by HR in IC has really helped the SIS department double-check and re-verify any district employee transfers or title changes that happened throughout the year. Since the CPI job code feeds back into the employees active district assignment, it helps find any errors or end dates that need to happen where active multi-site employees may not serve a particular location anymore."

Ryan White

Oconee County Schools

Cody Neidlinger

Effingham County Schools

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