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ETCH is a fully integrated error tracking, checking & handling system within Infinite Campus used to assist districts with state reporting and data clean up. 

This tool currently features FTE, DataMate, Student Class, Student Record CCRPI and MARS.


  • FTE: Estimated district funding reports, districts errors, process to validate errors, principal sign off and many report options.

  • DataMate: Our new data health check. This tool allows staff to review and correct data errors throughout the year.

  • Student Class and Student Record: Allow districts to review errors, validate errors and feature a principal sign off.

  • CCRPI: Features a Grad Rate report to assist schools with their projected graduation rate.

  • MARS: Manage at risk students. Customize MARS portal settings for your district’s needs.

ETCH Student Record

"We could not function during FTE time without ETCH. This is the best tool to see errors and cross-reference programs. It has literally become our way of life during state reporting."

Kathryn Arcuri

Columbia County Schools

"ETCH allows us to clear many of our FTE, Student Class, and Student Record errors before the DOE portal is open. ETCH is highly customizable by the district and K-12 Solutions Group has been very responsive to any changes or additional capabilities that we request. I'm not sure how we would get everything done without ETCH."

"When I began using ETCH several years ago the integration into Infinite Campus was the selling point. We had used another provider for a similar product and maintaining a server and all the exporting and importing... ETCH took all those headaches away. I love the error checks for the state reporting cycles. This allows me to correct errors in advance of the cycle opening."

Warren Steadman

Whitfield County Schools

Melody Copelan

Stephens County Schools

"ETCH is such a great tool. To be able to stay so ahead on State Reporting is wonderful. To know that when a reporting window opens with the State we are already virutually error free and have been able to spend time verifying our data. I am sure it has helped us maximize our funding. The FTE verification report alone makes ETCH worth having. The time it saves our SPED team is incredible."

Cindy Welch

Carrollton City Schools

Satisfied Customers

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