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SpotLight is a positive behavior intervention and support system within Infinite Campus. 

SpotLight School Dash

School Dash: Analyze student behavior, starting from broad patterns and drilling down through specific scenarios.

SpotLight Classroom Dashboard

Classroom Dashboard: Teachers can easily track major, minor, and positive behavior for each of their classes.

SpotLoght Year over Year Report

Year-Over-Year Reports: Allow administration and district level staff to view year to year trends across the district or in a particular school.

Satisfied Customers

"SpotLight is a great way for schools to keep up with the Minor infractions by a student. Schools are able to customize to their own needs. I LOVE the positive behavior option! Students love to be recognized and this is a perfect way. Having the Store Options is a great way to include some lessons while students are getting recognized."

Mary Cochran

Forsyth County Schools

"We recently added Spotlight on our Campus. Our teachers, PBIS team and administrators use it daily to track behavior, whether good or bad, on a daily basis. We have seen much clearer and organized data since switching to Spotlight. We are a Pre-K through 12th Campus and the program is adaptable to all grade levels."

Shari Cranford

Baconton Community Charter School

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