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GEM allows districts to track Gifted Eligibility information for students.

GEM allows districts to create an assessment matrix in order to calculate a student’s gifted eligibility based on assessment scores. GEM automatically updates gifted fields for state reporting purposes based on data input. GEM includes:

  • Screening Panel: Track information such as screening date, source gifted referral, and parent consent. 

  • Reciprocity Panel: Track screening information for transfer students.

  • Testing Panel: Enter assessment scores auto calculate a student's gifted eligibility based on the customizable assessment matrix.

  • Eligibility Panel: Tracks gifted eligibility, parent consent to serve, gifted status, effective date and gifted service plan. 

  • High Potential Panel: Track high potential or high achieving students 

  • Assessment Matrix: Create custom test in GEM to predefine the available assessment options on the testing panel. 

GEM Testing Panel
GEM Matrix

"We just purchased GEM and my Gifted Team has taken off running with it! They are so excited about the features and possibilities of this product. Gone are the days of keeping a running excel spreadsheets on SharePoint."

Sara Levieux

Houston County Schools

Satisfied Customers

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