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CheckMate is a fully integrated attendance tracking system within Infinite Campus. 

  • Check In/Out - Students, guests, employees, and substitutes

  • Real time attendance and employee time tracking

  • Save attendance clerks time with the use of the CheckMate Kiosk

  • Easily track guests using driver's license scan and webcam functionality 

  • Print hall passes and name badges for students, guests, and substitutes

CheckMate Plus

CheckMate Pro

  • Includes all features of CheckMate Plus

  • Georgia Sex Offender Registry check

  • Customize your greeting message on any kiosk(s)

  • Customize the colors of your kiosk(s)

CheckMate Pro+Volunteer

  • Includes all features of CheckMate Plus and Pro

  • Track volunteers using an online application with an approval process

  • Manage the number of hours and location each volunteer has worked


Satisfied Customers

"What a time saver! Such a great way to check everyone in and out of school. And I mean everyone! Teachers, students, substitutes, parents, volunteers. The attendance information is updated instantaneously and the reports are easy to run."

Lara Relyea

Academy for Classical Education

"Checkmate has greatly improved the process for checking out students and updating attendance simultaneously in Infinite Campus, and making the process more accurate and efficient for the front office staff/attendance clerks."

Donna Moseley

Newton County Schools

"CheckMate integration into Infinite Campus allows the attendance record to be written when the check in or out occurs, this is a huge timesaver for our attendance clerks. Last year we upgraded to CheckMate Pro for the added security features. This product is well worth the cost!"

Melody Copelan

Stephens County Schools

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