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Multi-Tier Support System tool

MTSS is an intuitive software solution designed to help schools track and manage information within Infinite Campus for students who have been identified as needing MTSS support. MTSS allows schools to efficiently monitor and document the progress of students receiving various tiers of support. From academic interventions to behavioral strategies, every detail is captured and easily accessible. Monitor student interventions and progress with ease with MTSS. 

Benefits include full integration with Infinite Campus, user-friendly interface, customizable settings and options, and more. 

. Additional MTSS features:

  • MTSS dashboard used to initiate an MTSS entry for a student. Add customizable domains and interventions with ease.

  • Staff dashboard to allow staff to easily view students to access MTSS details, domains, interventions, and monitor progress.

  • Intervention dashboard to filter and view all interventions by student.

  • Many report options are available and being added. 

Screenshot 2024-06-26 122149.png
Screenshot 2024-06-26 122408.png

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