Creating Folders / Adding Subfolders

  1. Choose the file from the Root menu on the left hand side of the screen, or go to the Library section and click on the folder from the List.

  2. Click on Create Folder.

  3. Enter a Folder Name and Title in the text fields provided.

  4. Click Save.

The Subfolder has now been added to the main Folder with four corresponding options.
  • Favorites Clicking on Favorites will add the Folder and all its subfolders to the users Favorites list, allowing for quick access to folders that are constantly used.
  • Share Allows the set up of security access and addition of users to specific folders.
  • Modify/Rename To Rename the folder, click on this option.
  • Delete Deleting the Folder will result in the Folder and all of the subfolders being moved to the trash can. Folders can be restored from the Trash Can if they have not been deleted from the Trash Can.
  • View Modes Toggling this option allows all subfolders to be shown, or only main folders to be shown on the Library screen.