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Looking to automate front office tasks? Using our Checkmate tool, you can automate student check in/check out with direct updates to your Infinite Campus database. That's right - no rekeying of the attendance data!


ETCH is a fully integrated error tracking, checking & handling system within Infinite Campus. This tool currently features FTEMate, Student Record, Student Class, M.A.R.S. and DataMate.


Use this tool to track teacher concerns, referrals to Social Worker, case notes and agency referral tracking. From individual interactions to group sessions, track your minutes, students attending, activities offered and provided.

Automate student, guest, and substitute check-in/check-out and directly update your Infinite Campus database

Create and print name badges or tardy slips and option to use barcode scanners, which allows further streamlining of your check-in/check-out processes

Automatically log data for timeclock and attendance tracking and enter additional notes on any given student or teacher account

FTE: Estimate district error and funding reports for FTE; use built-in processes to validate errors, and easily upload errors from DoE

Funding: Estimate potential state funding for schools; highlights where funding is lost

MARS: Manage at risk students; allow district or school to determine students who may need more attention or help

Student Record: Estimate district errors for Student Record; use built-in processes to validate errors, and easily upload errors from DoE

DataMate: allow district or school level staff to review and correct errors; ensure data accuracy in advance of State reporting deadlines

Student Class: Estimate district errors for Student Class; use built-in processes to validate errors, and easily upload errors from DoE

Teacher Concern Dashboard: Track each concern submitted by teachers, and quickly close or escalate the concerns

Referral Dashboard: Create, edit, and view your referrals through the searchable and sortable dashboard

Student Overview: View a convenient breakdown of all concerns, referrals or activities related to a given student

Keep a record of each meeting or activity with individual students or groups

Easily customize drop lists, warning messages and more through the settings page (including State Reporting mapping!)

Receive automatic notifications through your Infinite Campus process inbox of new referrals or escalated concerns

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Formed to offer K-12 School Systems the solutions they require to complete the day-to-day tasks involved with Education Management, K-12 Solutions Group is making the grade with many school districts.

Through valuable partnerships, K-12 Solutions Group is able to offer unparalled products to cater to every need of schools. With extensive understanding and experience, our services are above the norm.

Dedicated solely to K-12 education, we are able to focus our every move on the requirements and desires of educators and offer targeted products and services to meet such demands.

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As the most trusted name in student information, Infinite Campus manages 7.8 million students in 45 states. For more than 20 years, Infinite Campus has successfully implemented its solutions for customers of all sizes, from those with fewer than 100 students to those with more than 600,000 students. Infinite Campus customers include school districts, regional consortia, state departments of education and the federal government.

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